Tuesday, October 28, 2014

EDpuzzle in the Flipped Classroom: Updated

Wow! Two posts in one day? That hasn't happened in months!

I'm sure you know how I feel...absolutely swamped!

I felt the need to share a brief update about using EDpuzzle in the classroom.

I absolutely love this tool, and my students are responding well to it, too. However, for the past few weeks, I have had one or two students in each of my classes who have been unable to view the video on EDpuzzle because "safety mode" is enabled on their YouTube accounts.

Let me back up for a second.

We use Chromebooks in our building this year, and have had enormous success with our new 1:1 program.

As those few students came to me unable to view the video, I began to panic. I tried to disable "safety mode" on their YouTube accounts, our technology director had to do some serious techy things that I won't pretend to understand, none of which fixed the problem.

We still haven't figured out exactly what is going on (and would obviously appreciate any suggestions as to what might fix the problem!).

I did come up with a "work around" that will allow my students to view and interact with my screencasted videos that I create on my Chromebook. Here are the steps I had to follow...

  1. Create my screencasted video using Screencastify on my Chromebook
  2. Upload the video to YouTube as well as Google Drive
  3. Download the video via Google Drive on my desktop computer
  4. Go to www.edpuzzle.com and log in
  5. Click on "My Content"
  6. Click "+Create"
  7. Select "Upload Video"
  8. Choose my video file 
  9. Voila! 
Why did I upload my video to YouTube and Google Drive, you ask?

First, because most of my students don't have a problem with viewing my YouTube videos on their Chromebook. 

Second, because I plan to use Blendspace to share review resources with my students, and I want to make sure that I can share all of my videos as YouTube videos. (Yes, I know you can also include Google Drive files on Blendspace units...I do this for my sanity!)

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Thanks for reading :)