Thursday, October 23, 2014

Blendspace: Awesome Review Idea!

I'm in the process of creating a review activity for my students' Constitution tests. This test always seems to incite an anxious feeling among my students...most likely because it is a test that they are required to pass in order to graduate. Yikes!

In order to ease potential fears and avert panic attacks, I assure my students that we will spend a great deal of class time preparing for the test, and they will learn all of the information they need in order to be successful on the test.

As you know, this year I've flipped my classroom, which means my YouTube channel is quickly growing! Therefore, instead of telling students to go to my YouTube channel and search for a handful of videos or search through their Google Drive to locate assignments/activities, I plan to create a Blendspace lesson that houses all of the resources in one spot!

I discussed the wonderful tool that is Blendspace at this post, and have only become a bigger fan since I first stumbled upon it.

See the embed below to check out my US Constitution Review on Blendspace!

Teachers can use Blendspace for much more than content review. Here are a few ideas...

  • Flipped Learning environment
    • Teachers could create and share "flipped" units with their students, who could then progress through the information at their own pace!
  • Project Based learning
    • Teachers can share resources, requirements, and expectations with their students about an upcoming project or event
  • Thematic units
  • Novel/Book unit resources
  • And MORE!
One of my FAVORITE features of Blendspace is that teachers can share their resource collection with their students by ...

  • email
  • embedding the tool on their website/blog
  • QR Code
  • Edmodo
Teachers can also collaborate with their colleagues to create resource collections by adding "Co-Authors!"

This is seriously a great tool...did I mention that Blendspace is a Google app, which means NO ADDITIONAL USERNAME AND PASSWORD!! Great for teachers and students alike!

I hope you enjoy Blendspace!

Thanks for reading :)