Saturday, December 20, 2014

5 Favorite EdTech Tools of 2014: Number 5

As my first year as an EdTech nerd/blogger draws to a close, I'm looking back at my favorite tools/posts of 2014.

Why oh why did I decide to narrow this list down to ONLY five?!?

#5: Blendspace
Blendspace is an amazing tool that allows teachers to share resources with their students from virtually any source. Link your Google Drive and Dropbox account to Blendspace, and share helpful documents and presentations with your students. Would a YouTube video help your students grasp a concept? Are you a flipped teacher with your own YouTube channel? Add videos directly to your Blendspace board! Do you use Prezi? Gooru? Add resources from these great sources, as well! Hav you used Flippity to create flashcards, a "jeopardy" style review game, or a quiz? Add a Flippity link to your Blendspace board as well! Blendspace is an awesome tool for anyone looking to share resources with, well...ANYONE! This site allows users to sign in using their Google accounts, which means...NO new username and password to forget! Create projects, flipped assignments, review activities, and more with this extremely user friendly and FREE tool.

Check out my posts on the amazing Blendspace for ideas on how to use this great tool in your classroom!

Blendspace: Awesome Review Idea!
The AMAZING Blendspace!

Check back soon for my top 4 favorite EdTech tools of the year!

Thanks for reading :)