Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Google Classroom OR Schoology? Here's How I Use BOTH Effectively

Google Classroom was rolled out to a group of teachers during the summer, and was made available to everyone at the beginning of the school year. With the introduction of Google Classroom, some teachers find themselves torn between using Classroom or a well-known Learning Management System.

My answer to that question?

I use both!

Yes, I know that using both of these tools requires my students to manage two different accounts. Yes, my students often ask, "is this on Classroom or Schoology?" Yes, that question becomes slightly aggravating by 7th hour.

Why then do I use both tools?

Simply because I need features that each tool offers, and neither tool fully meets all of my instructional needs!

Here's a quick rundown of how I use each tool...

Google Classroom:
  • Make announcements to my classes
  • Post and distribute assignments (created via Google Drive)
  • Share links to websites
  • Assign and share videos (YouTube)
  • Assign "Discussion Board" activities
    • I know Classroom offers a similar function. Through Schoology, my students can post their original reply to my question, and then can comment directly on their classmates' posts. I can also choose to hide class responses from students until they post their original response...to eliminate the temptation to cheat :)
  • Create and assign tests and quizzes
    • This is purely for my benefit as a teacher. I love being able to interact with teachers from all over the world and discuss instructional strategies and ideas for enhancing my classroom learning environment!
  • Work with my Co-Teacher
    • Schoology allows multiple course "administrators," which means both my Co-Teacher and I are able to interact and create assignments for our students. Google Classroom DOES NOT have this feature, and it is a feature that is DESPERATELY NEEDED!!!