Sunday, February 9, 2014

Google Sites in the Classroom

There are so many ways that Google Sites can be used in virtually any classroom! I currently use my Google site to post my unit assignments and presentations, embed my course calendar, and direct students to important resources available through our school. 

Teachers have so many different possibilities when it comes to incorporating Google Sites! I've listed a few examples below!

Creating class websites with Google Sites is so easy and beneficial, but students could create some pretty amazing products with Google Sites. Below are a few ideas!

Students can create...

  • a database of resources for a project
  • a Webquest for a younger grade
  • a website to promote awareness about a local issue
  • a website to record information from a research project
  • a website that includes classroom news and important dates
  • a website to present how they've met objectives
The possibilities are endless! How could you use this in your classroom??

Thanks for reading!

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